Santa on his sleigh is visiting Ashford!

Santa's Sleigh Logo

Ho ho ho, boys and girls of Ashford to mark this festive season Santa is on his way! Are you looking forward to Christmas? Keep an eye out for Santa’s Sleigh and you may be able to see Santa yourself!

Santa is especially happy to team up with the Ashford Lions and elves from local charities and organizations, raising awareness for all the good causes and work that is going on in support of our communities.

Santa's Sleigh Poster

For Saturday 16 December, Santa is planning to visit the Singleton Barn between 4.45 – 6.30 pm.

For Sunday 17 December, Santa is planning to visit the neighbourhood around Twelve Acres and Highfield Road  with the Ashford Lions and Home Start. Home Start helps to increase the confidence and independence of families by:

  • Visiting them in their own homes to offer support, friendship and practical assistance.
  • Re-assuring parents that their problems are not unusual or unique.
  • Enabling parents to develop their confidence, strengths and emotional well-being.
  • Encouraging the fun and pleasures of family life.

Santa Map: Twelve Acres Highfield

The link to track Santa on his route around town will be on our social media page. You do not need to sign up to find the post with the tracking link. You may simply choose “Not Now” if prompted.

Our elves and helpers during December are

  • Uprising Youth And Community
  • Hothfield Youth Group
  • Ashford Mediation
  • Find a Voice
  • Bockhanger Youth Group
  • Sands
  • Sk8Side
  • MotoV8
  • Singleton Barn
  • Home-Start Ashford & District
  • National Childbirth Trust NCT, Ashford Branch

Further routes are added closer to each day.

Terms and Conditions. The Ashford Lions would like to let you know that we are doing our best to help Santa on his routes around our town, still we cannot promise anything. Please note that the information we give are AS IS and AS AVAILABLE. Safety and any other reasons may require us to recommend Santa to stay at home and to continue with his preparations for Christmas.


There are many ways to contribute to our community and

volunteering is certainly one of them. Your interests and ideas are very important when considering serving your community. Also, if you already have a lot on your plate, your time will be limited and Ashford Lions are well aware of balancing commitments.

Volunteering under the umbrella of Lions International promises the highest level of service and charity conduct. For instance all administrative costs are fully paid for by Lions and membership fees. This way, all the income from public fund-raising goes to people in need and charitable causes.

If you like what we do, for instance the Santa Sleigh, may we invite you to reach out to us, or consider to


Until our club has not reached the magic number of twenty members and operates as a branch club,¬† we’ve got permission to invite charitable donations to our district’s trust fund and that is where the above link will take you.

Santa Green ElfSanta Red Elf