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December 2020

Ho ho ho, boys and girls of Ashford, thank you so much for all your support and cheers. You’ve made Santa very happy and he will now be starting his final preparations for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Santa is grateful have been able to team up with the Ashford Lions and their elves again to raise awareness for all the good causes and work that is going on in our town. Any donation amount you can spare will go to the Ashford Lions Club (CIO) charity in support of local and Lions causes.

So far, £1,485 from your donations have already been given to Home-Start Ashford in Food-Vouchers to support families in need. Further funds will be going to the Ashford Family Food-Bank and local charities.

Support Santa Sleigh card 2020
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We are a small group of volunteers helping Santa. If you are also interested to help Santa next year in 2021, just reach out.


The routes Santa has been visiting in 2020:

Mon. 07 Dec. 2020

Caesar Ave, Forum Way, Langney Drive, & Washford Farm Road

Sleigh 2020 Route 07 December

Tue. 08 Dec. 2020


Sleigh 2020 Route 08 December

Wed. 09 Dec. 2020

“South of Brookfield Road” (with start on Cryol Rd)

Sleigh 2020 Route 09 December


Thu. 10 Dec. 2020

“Godinton Park & Repton Park South”

Santa Sleigh 2020 "Godinton Park"


Sat. 12 Dec. 2020

“Stanhope Ring Road & Singleton Hill”

Singleton Hill and Stanhope 2020


Sun. 13 Dec. 2020

“Conningbrook Lakes & Tritton Fields”

Santa Sleigh 2020, Tritton Fields


Mon. 14 Dec. 2020

“Kennington Lees”

Sleigh 2020 Kennington Lees


Tue. 15 Dec. 2020

“Around Hythe Road & Finberry”

Sleign 2020 Around Hythe Rd & Finberry


Wed. 16 Dec. 2020

“Park Farm & Bridgefield”

Sleigh 2020 Park Farm

Sleigh 2020 Bridgefield


Sat. 19 Dec. 2020

“South Willesborough”

Sleigh 2020 South Willesborough


Terms and Conditions. The Ashford Lions would like to let you know that we are doing our best to help Santa on his visits around our town, still, we cannot promise anything. We are a charity and dedicated volunteers. Please note that the information we give is AS IS and AS AVAILABLE. Safety and any other reasons may require us to recommend Santa to stay at home or to head back home at any time and to continue with his preparations for Christmas.


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