About Ashford Lions Club

Lions are a registered charity who volunteer their time to help, local, national and international people in need.

Our local Ashford Lions club started in 2014, with a small group of dedicated members. It continues to run with a small group of regular participants who give their time to support the local community.

We are especially proud of our annual Santa’s Sleigh and put on games and activities, like our “Beer Slide” to raise money for our local charities. We also run events like “It’s a Knock Out” to support communities with physical and learning disabilities…and in the process we have a lot of fun.

Of course the more people we can bring into our club the more people we can help and the more events we can run. We don’t just need committee members, we also need people who can give us help and support to man stalls and deliver our message. Even volunteering a few hours of your time during the year could significantly expand the amount of good work we can do.

If you are interested in supporting your community, this is a real chance to jump in, raise money, and of course have some fun! So, if you want to become a formal member, or if you want to volunteer an hour or 2 of your time, we want to hear from you. Want to know more?

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There are many ways to contribute to our community and volunteering is certainly one of them. Your interests and ideas are very important when considering serving your community. Also, if you already have a lot on your plate, your time will be limited and Ashford Lions are well aware of balancing commitments.

Volunteering under the umbrella of Lions International promises the highest level of service and charity conduct.

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Who are the Lions?

Lions are an international network of 1.4 million people dedicated to making a difference locally and globally.

What do Lions do?

Lions meet the needs of our communities and the world, ranging from assisting the visually impaired and working with local youth to medical missions and disaster relief.

How are Lions relevant to today’s world?

Since 1917, Lions have met the needs in their communities and continued to improve the areas in which they live. As long as there are needs around the world, we will work to meet those needs.

How do I become a Lion?

If you are interested in becoming a Lion, contact us to find out about joining, or come along to one of our meetings or events.

Are there women Lions?

Yes. Lions Club International was the first service club organization to welcome women as members and women are the single fastest growing segment of Lions since.

As in other community organizations, is the membership of Lions declining?

No. Lions membership is increasing. Programs such as Family Clubs, Leo Clubs, Campus Lions Clubs and New Century Lions Clubs, are helping us adapt to meet the growing needs of the world around us.

I would like to volunteer in my community but why should I do so as a Lion?

Lions meet the needs of those in their own communities as well as around the world and we have fun doing it. Working together locally and internationally, the worldwide network of Lions has vastly more resources and is able to accomplish much more than individuals and small groups working alone.