Ashford Lions Club has a new home at the Conningbrook Hotel for our Business Meetings.

Our meetings are held once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8 pm. The address of the Conningbrook Hotel is

Canterbury Road,
Ashford, Kent
TN24 9QR.


What is a business meeting?

It is our monthly opportunity to inform the members of the progress of the committees, induct new members, invite speakers and groups to come and talk, and of course plan future events. The meetings follow protocol and are usually formal in nature. We often have a separate board meeting  and committee meetings where business is discussed and a general meeting that features a presenter to the club. They may meet in-person once times a month. We also meet up once a month for a social event, to grow together as a group.

Sample Meeting Agenda

1. CALL TO ORDER, PRESIDENT (start meeting at appointed time)

2. ROLL CALL, Secretary

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING, MINUTES OF LAST BOARD MEETING. (Secretary. Calls for motion to correct and accept, requires a second to the motion prior to vote.)

4. TREASURER’S REPORT (Treasurer. Calls for motion to correct and accept, requires a second to the motion prior to vote.)

5. READING OF COMMUNICATIONS. (If action needs to be taken on a communication, vote on it or send it to the proper committee for study.)

6. COMMITTEE REPORTS. (Call for a vote to accept report, and take a vote on any action that is recommended by the committee. Secure a written copy of the report to keep with the minutes of the meeting.)

7. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. (Any tables motions or reports. Secretary should have reported in the minutes of the previous meeting.)

8. NEW BUSINESS. (Items brought before the club at the last regular meetings, ideas presented by a member present or a board member.)

9. MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS (Items which do not effect the club directly, but should be brought to the attention of the members.)